BoB The Patient’s Story

KEEP-THE-DOCTOR-AWAYMy medical problems started in August 2002 when I visited a GP with an excruciating pain in my left shoulder, In 2004 I was taken off all pain relief and medication due to side effects and basically sent home to sink or swim by the NHS now suffering from Multi Level Cervical Nerve Root Damage, Chronic Fatigue, IBS (Chronic Diarrhoea) and Psoriasis.

I  have used medicinal high THC cannabis to tolerate pain and keep positive since 2005.

In 2013 I suffered a (undiagnosed) stroke that completely paralysed the left side of my body, have not requested NHS help because of the nasty side effects, bullying and abuse I have experienced over a shoulder pain.

2015 found CBD vaping, Kustom CBD vape at 2% CBD, amazingly, with constant use this reduced the fine trauma and discomfort in my body, further research led me to Charlottes’ web and the benefits of the medicinal cannabanoids naturally found in CBD oil, in my quest for the purest organic CBD oil in the UK I found CBD brothers.

Started on the white label CBD 500mg 11th May 2015 this resulted in my pain, trauma, paralysis and spasticity slowly diminishing in strength on a weekly basis.

For the last three weeks I have been using the red label CBD 1000mg as a result I and others have noticed changes and improvements to my mental and physical state every day. Has been described as almost normal, whatever that means.

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