Sarah The Carer’s Story

CBD-FLORENCEHi, I am Sarah the Carer, ‘Bob The Patient’s Partner and Carer.

When Bob started to use CBD Brothers White Label CBD oil in May 2015, he suggested that I take it too, as I had been under a lot of stress, so I started taking it at a dose of four drops per day and continue to take fours drops a day.

Apart from the stress, I suffered from frequent, hellish, hot flushes on a daily basis, I also had arthritis in my right elbow, (every morning I experienced excruciating pain when straightening my right arm), after four days of taking the CBD oil both of these issues disappeared and have not returned.

Another problem I have had is a 2.5cm cyst on my Thyroid (which I can feel at the bottom right side of my Thyroid), for several years, I did not give this any thought when I started taking the CBD oil, but after about a month it felt like the cyst was a little smaller, after three months it is now half the size!

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