End Our Pain

We defy any caring person to watch this and not be moved to support our call to legalise medical cannabis

Patients NOT criminals

It is estimated that as many as 1 million people across the UK rely on cannabis for medical reasons. Many of these people are suffering chronic and painful conditions.
Currently available medicines don’t always work for them, cannabis does. These people are faced with a terrible dilemma – continue to suffer or take the risk of breaking the law, just like the character Izzy in the TV soap Coronation Street. This is morally wrong: they are patients, not criminals. All they want to do is lead a normal life. Medicinal cannabis is legal in many countries including much of the USA, Canada, Germany and Italy to list just a few. Sick people in our country deserve the same access to medicinal cannabis.

To read more and/or add your voice to our campaign please visit: – endourpain.org– and please share across any social networks you have.

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