KEEP-THE-DOCTOR-AWAYWhen the NHS gave up on me and took me off all medication I turned to high THC medicinal cannabis for pain relief. Eleven years later I found that my black thoughts and moods were most probably being caused by too higher levels of THC. Further research highlighted that CBD oil would balance out the THC and stop the mild psychosis I was experiencing. This proved to be the case and then some. My black thoughts etc disappeared within days, as did the pains in my head that I had been enduring since the stroke that paralyzed the left side of my body. Intensive research by Sarah my partner and full time carer over where to buy good clean organic medicinal CBD oil in the uk became a nightmare. Extracting information from most CBD suppliers was like pulling teeth. THE Best information most seem to have is “it comes from the hemp plant” or “its extracted from industrial hemp plants”. We could not get information on the quality and strength of the CBD oil, only how much was in the bottle! To cut a long story short we could only find one CBD Oil supplier; that being CBD Brothers, in the uk able to provide the organic history and certified quality and strength of their medicinal CBD oil. CBD Brothers are also the only UK licenced importer we could find of CBD Oil which is extracted from organically grown female cannabis plants (NOT from hemp),containing all the beneficial terpenes and terpenoids, which work synergistically, naturally enhancing the benefits of CBD.

These are the CBD Brothers products I use for Prevention and Recovery.

red-top-cbdCBD Brothers RED Label CBD Oil I used CBD Brothers white label in the first instance with good results. It quickly reduced the traumas I was suffering to a tolerable level and it completely restored my balance. After (three months) I ran into a brick wall and stopped moving forward. Given the improvements the white label had made I decided to step up to the more powerful red label, after a couple of days things started to improve, after 4/5 days things started to go forward again, particularly with my frozen left side. Seven months after starting the red label things are still slowly improving, with each day feeling like a step forward to complete recovery. I take 6 drops under my tongue (hold for three minutes before swallowing) three times a day. With no bad side effects. One good side effect has been a massive improvement to my eye sight with my long range vision returning to normal.


The Best CBD Products I Have Found in the UK - CBD Brothers CBD PasteCBD Brothers CBD Paste To help overcome my addiction to nicotine and to top up the cbd oil or during periods of high physical or mental stress I make my own vape liquid for my medipen. I make a 10ml bottle of vape liquid by mixing 1ml (1000mg) of CBD Brothers CBD paste with 9ml (9000mg) of Vegetable Glycerine. It’s the vegetable glycerine that creates the smoke effect when you exhale in most vape pens. This vape recipe creates a wonderfully smooth vape that has been described as heavenly! I use Bob’s Best (nothing to do with me btw) Vegatable Glycerine available from to ensure quality of product.


The Best CBD Products I Have Found in the UK - CBD Brothers CBD Capsules


CBD Brothers CBD Capsules I used CBD Brothers CBD capsules before I discovered the medipen, they did the same job but I preferred vaping as this had the added benefit of reducing and eliminating my nicotine addiction.




The Best CBD Products I Have Found in the UK - CBD Brothers CBD Balm


CBD Brothers CBD Balm I use CBD Brothers CBD Balm primarily to stop the itching from my Psoriasis. I also use it to eliminate pains caused by muscle strains and inflammation to the frozen joints in my arms and legs on the paralysed left side of my body. I am amazed at this balm’s ability to penetrate deep into muscles and joints, to be honest could not cope without it.



Medipen CBD Vape Pen

This is the Medipen I use for vaping my homemade CBD Vape.


Bob's Best Vegetable Glycerine (VG)


This is the Vegetable Glycerine (VG) I use to make my CBD Vape liquid. 







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